[property_map zoom=»13″ scrollwheel=»» draggable=»1″ streetviewcontrol=»» disabledefaultui=»1″ status=»sale» mceu_127=»true»]
[section_title]Add all kinds of property maps[/section_title]

The «Property Map» shortcode gives you plenty of options to display certain properties on a map. The map above for example shows all properties with a status of «rent». Other filters are «location», «type» and «features».

From «Appearance > Theme Options > Map» you can further customize your maps by setting a custom map style (we recommend to copy+paste one from https://snazzymaps.com/explore). We prepared a few additional map markers. If you need something truely unique you can even upload and set your own markers.

The is also a page template Property Map Vertical which is a great way to display a full height map along your search results.